Guidance From Above

While the rest of the world may be dwelling upon the fast approaching Christmas holiday, my family is more focused on the big changes that will be affecting us for the rest of our lives. My sister is one week away from her wedding to a godly man and her overwhelming joy is overshadowing the final stresses of planning. As for myself, I have just made the long drive south to Virginia from New Hampshire with has resulted in the immediate benefit of a 60 degree and sunny day as opposed to the snow storm my NH friends are now battling. From being a working student for marvelous trainers and having learned boatloads I have now made the leap to step out on my own and start my own training business.

I feel like a young horse who is about to go down centerline for the first time and facing all the uncertainties of a new environment. The riders legs are gently but firmly pressing me onward and trying to keep my focus on where she is directing me. This is what we have been training for, but the safety of my stall and the camaraderie of my friends is far behind. “It’s time to be brave and to trust me,” she says as she gives me an encouraging pat on my neck. I immediately relax remembering how she has cared for me and never led me astray. Why would it be any different now?

Although I still have many more obstacles to overcome until I am a seasoned show horse, all I can do at this point is take those baby steps forward and never cease to trust my handler. I have found myself in sticky situations in the past and have made it through unscathed and more confident because of the expert guidance of the One who is leading me. This Handler is perfect and flawless in all He does. Could you imagine if you were as such to your own animals/ children/ subordinates/ spouse? Hard to imagine since we will all readily admit that we are not and how we all wish that we were. And so, having willingly put myself under His authority, I submit to Him and boldly stride forth into the spooky show ring under the critical eye of the judges. Yes, I may put a foot wrong but I simply ask for forgiveness for my imperfections, knowing that the One who will be the most forgiving is never ceasing in love and mercy. I couldn’t ask for a better leader.

My sister, in turn, is leaving her comfort zone of living independently and entering into a relationship where two opinions will be weighed, assets will be combined, and decisions will be made jointly. Knowing the differences of man one might wonder how marriages ever work out. It all starts with both the man and wife submitting themselves under the rule of the One who designed it. Model your love after His love for us. We are flawed and scarred and yet He loves us unconditionally. It is a beautiful thing and something to be treasured. I am immensely happy for my sister and her fiance and am excited to see their journey unfold.

How do we know that something is right? How did my sister know that this was the right man for her? How did I know when the time was right to move on from my current position and start my own business? For me, I was overcome by a wave of unexplainable peace. Even while being faced with setbacks and uncertainties, this calm never left me. I praise God for that. His encouraging words and pats were all I needed to load the trailer, drive away from friends, and enter the show ring. He will always be there, He will never forsake me, and He will never lead me astray. I will trust and respect the legs that move me, the reins that guide me, and the voice that soothes me. After all, this is the ultimate goal we horse riders want from our horses.

Wont you please join me on this journey? Stay tuned for more updates on this life change.


4 thoughts on “Guidance From Above

  1. So beautifully said. God bless you and your sister as you both start on new life experiences. I am proud to have gotten to know you and look forward to reading more. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope you will be able to be at your sister’s wedding. Much joy and happiness to her and her future husband.

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