Change for the Better

Welcome back readers!

I left you last after returning from my short but very sweet visit back to my home state of Oregon. Since that time quite a few changes have happened here at the barn in New Hampshire. But one doesn’t have to be scared of change, in fact all the many changes that have happened in my life over the past few years have produced the best outcomes and I feel the happiest and most successful now than I ever have.

The recent changes have included a change of staff at the barn, for the two other working students with whom I was working initially have moved on to do something else, and now we have two new girls that are working out most splendidly and I adore them! It’s great to get along with your coworkers. We have spent many evenings together after work making dinner, chatting, watching movies, and becoming friends. It’s a blessing for me and for them. Also, Pepper is here at the barn with me now! Yippee!! It will still be a while before he is sound for any kind of work, but it’s nice to see him everyday.

Pepper enjoying his new home

Pepper enjoying his new home

Oh, there’s a story. So within a week of my departure down south to retrieve my horse, my truck starts having transmission issues. Perfect. Just great. After asking for a recommendation of a good mechanic and dropping it off to said place to be checked out, next thing I know I’m on the phone with the guy saying, “well, you’re going to have to just go ahead and do it, because I NEED my truck to be working by Tuesday so I can drive 800 miles to pick up my horse and haul him back.” Yeah, that turned into a ridiculously expensive endeavor consisting of a whole new transmission among other essentials. Yup, pretty much cleaned me dry. Perfect timing, right? Oh well, can’t complain. I may be lacking in finances but I certainly feel rich in every other aspect of my life, right now. Things are good. Things are very good.

My new project

My new project

I have taken over exclusive riding of an off the track Thoroughbred at the farm who is exhilarating to ride! In fact we are going to our first show next month and next show season we are premiering at third level! I’m so excited! We are even throwing around the idea of a musical freestyle….being the artsy person that I am what could be better than choreographing Dressage to music? I mean come on! Yeah, I’m just a little bit excited…..ok, a lot a bit excited!!

My parents helped me to move Pepper up and were able to stay the weekend in Exeter, do a little exploring, and of course come and watch me ride. It was good to show them where I live and work and introduce them to the friends I am making here. That church has been such a blessing to me providing great spiritual depth and introducing me to a wonderful group of people with whom we do many activities together. We’ve had beach cookouts and game nights, and on Labor Day we went to a lake house to go swimming, canoeing, and hiking. There’s a talent show in a few weeks and I would like to sing a song, but have no clue what to sing. Any suggestions? No, seriously, I want to know. Plus I need to find someone to accompany.

Beach cookout!

Beach cookout!

I am very pleased with how things have shaped together recently. The other day I was reminiscing and reflecting on my past couple of years. Last April was when I was finally able to start pursuing my career and doing what gives me the most joy: horses and Dressage. I was truly out on my own and I learned a lot and made a few great friends. I have had several instances, though, where I have felt very lost or stressed but once you make it to the other side of those it just makes you more appreciative of what you have, you learn from them, and come back a whole lot stronger. This year has taken me even farther than the benefits of last year. Let me spell it out for you:

Professionally: My current situation has taken everything I have learned about Dressage previously and blossomed it into something bigger and better and it only continues to grow. The atmosphere is great, the people joyful, and the trainer is incredible. I’m riding more, thus learning more, and have become a more productive rider in such a short time. I have the trust and adoration of Mary, the friendship of my coworkers, and wonderful horses to ride. I absolutely love my job and I’m one happy and knowledge-sponging apprentice. This was an essential move for me career-wise.

Emotionally: Not only am I more happy with the job and the direction it is taking me, but I was able to find and make friends quickly. Having past experiences of many months passing in a new place with little to no results when it comes to friends, this place was a refreshing sigh of relief. Having friends through church and through the barn has virtually eliminated all the evenings or days I spend alone. It’s wonderful! This is how life should be. Feeling no stress when it comes to the job or my personal life does a lot for the good of my heart.

The perfect Labor Day

The perfect Labor Day

Spiritually: My church is fantastic with a pastor that can convey the Word passionately and truthfully. His use of expository preaching can decipher any tough passage while tying all together into this beautiful story that is the Lord’s. The discussions in our bible study group is fruitful among the friends I have made. This year I have been doing a personal study of the entire Bible, reading a passage and writing a prayer based on the passage every day. I will have compiled 365 prayers when I am finished and my plan is to embellish and perfect them in subsequent years. Throughout this I have grown more intimate with my Creator and Savior who has given me my gifts and talents, my reasoning mind, and my passion to create and learn.

All these three categories of my life go hand in hand and you can’t have one without the other. When one prospers it builds up the others and all are benefiting at this point in my life. Sometimes a geographical move can have such an impact. This move was one of the best things to happen to me and I am very thankful and extremely satisfied with my situation. Change is good. Change can benefit. And this was a change for the better.

Ponies looking so cute!

Ponies looking so cute!

Speaking of change, I can feel the crispness of the air and cooler mornings as the season begins to change. The horses feel it too with the flip of their heads and the peach fuzz forming along their coats. I love the autumn and I plan to get out there and capture the beauty and the colors of my favorite season. Of course after that comes winter, but I say bring it on, for nothing can dampen my spirits and feelings of elation that this beautiful corner of the country has brought me. I hope that I will continue to prosper and I pray that all of you will take time to count up all your blessings, make any necessary changes, or just plain work harder at any aspect of your life which you feel is lacking. It will do wonders to your soul. May you have a sore jaw like I from all the smiling. Now get out there and enjoy this blessing that we call life.

5 thoughts on “Change for the Better

  1. So great to hear about all the wonderful things going on in your life. We still miss you here in NC, but I’m so glad things are going well for you there!

    Steve Braswell

  2. Fascinating to discover your blog and read about your adventures. I am so very thankful for your advice last year regarding Equine Lyme disease. I have PM you today on Facebook with some info and a question or two. Hope to hear from you soon.

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