Soggy Adventures

I initially wrote this on July 21,2013 and am re-posting it here for reference.

Hello my wonderful friends!

It’s update time! I love this time I get to sit down and reminisce about all the happenings of the past few weeks since I wrote you last.
Well, we have been drowning in buckets of rain here for the past few months, but we have been blessed with drier skies this past week and the ground is beginning to firm up finally. Although, I do believe I hear the suspenseful rumble of thunder in the distance. Have I spoken too soon?

Cloudy Skies

Cloudy Skies

I had a wonderful visit with my family when they were here, and hated to bid them adieu so soon. It’s strange how we all ended up at different corners of the country. How does this happen? I remember how we were all together in Oregon with no inkling that this is where our lives were going. Now, my oldest sister is married with a family in Oregon, my other sister is teaching Latin and attending school in Idaho, my parents and grandparents dwell in Wisconsin, while my dad regularly flies around to other states uncharted by my family for his job, and I am in North Carolina! My close friends from those beloved Veritas days are also in various states and countries, making a life for themselves outside of the close and all-familiar confines of our homestate. Where has the time gone? I wish for a grand reunion to remember and savor the old friendships we had created. But, life goes on, and we all grow from those foundations and cultivate the new ones we have discovered.
With that said, let me fill you in on recent events of my life in this Southeastern part of the country. I had the pleasure of riding in my first clinic the other week! Well, usually when I think clinic, I think of a renowned, successful trainer giving private lessons to various riders while a group of passionate auditors watch on, soaking up all the information floating around in the arena. While most of that was true, in addition to information, the arena footing was floating and we were soaking up vast amounts of water!  I was the last ride on a day that decided to use that precious hour to empty all the water from the clouds above. It was pouring!

Riding in the rainy clinic

Riding in the rainy clinic

Additionally, it had rained the entire night previous and I personally spent an hour in the arena with a gater, drag, and hand rake to make the arena halfway decent for riding (thankfully I didn’t run out of gas this time!). Eliza even helped with a sponge and a bucket! All the previous riders were blessed with a nice morning that lacked direct sunlight and excessive heat. In fact, it was rather pleasant! And then it comes around to me. With the rain, everyone decided to go home and I had no audience except Eliza and a camera. Hey, I’m not complaining, I still got to ride with Jontelle Forbus, even though it was in a 20 by 60 meter puddle! The pictures still turned out well, considering. The horse’s name is Siebe, a Dutch Warmblood owned by Cindy, Eliza’s mother. I am so thankful to have access to a wonderful horse like this that is more my size! Thank you, Cindy, for the use of your steed. Pepper is still not quite ready for a clinic, but someday soon.

Let’s tune in with Gunner and Cody. The woman who was free leasing them had to end it, and so I turned my attention back to re-homing them. Cody has been blessed to have been accepted into a therapeutic riding program close by and Gunner will be going to a neighboring farm to be the new best friend and lesson horse for a couple of kids. All in all, they will be close and I can see them and love on them often while they help kids progress.
Well, that’s all I have for now. Tune in next time for “The Adventures of Bethany and Pepper and the Dragon of Dressage!“……too much? Yeah, I think so too. How about this:
Best wishes from this corner of the country to yours.
Much love and God bless!

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