Opening up Opportunites

I initially wrote this on September 16, 2013 and am re-posting it here for reference.

Well Folks, here we go:

Your September issue of sneak peeks into my life as a Carolinian.

I can tell we’re coming into that time again by the slight fuzz that is forming along the contours of my four-legged counter-parts, the flutter of falling leaves catching my peripheral during a morning hack, and the occasional sweatshirt morning….gasp! Although we’re still pretty darn hot down here, I’m glad for the changes. It all leads up to my favorite season of striking color contrasts and fewer pests! I had to laugh: horse blankets are trickling into the conversations and the unwillingness to ride when it is under certain temperatures. Having come from the upper mid-west, this winter is going to be a breeze! My gloves came off when it was in the 30s, and I only stopped riding when it was sub-zero. Yup, that’s right, I’m that die-hard. But if you know me well enough, you know that there really are only a few things that would prevent me from getting on a horse!

Capturing the blue ribbon

Capturing the blue ribbon

A few weeks back I went to my first show here in NC with one of Cindy’s horses. And, drum roll please…..I won all my classes! There’s three blue ribbons to hang on my wall! And I received personal best percentages as well! Now it’s Pepper’s turn! A few days later I went to Charlotte and audited a clinic with Olympic judge Axel Steiner, who, though he doesn’t ride, offers a very good and accurate perspective to participants and gives very good information from his judge’s point of view. There went a lot more notes into my clinic book!
Well, Eliza has decided that she will no longer ride until she feels good after the baby has been delivered, so Emme and I are privileged to be riding everyone and schooling them through what Eliza has been training. It’s fantastic! Hello experience that I’m desperately seeking! And Eliza is right there the whole time giving insight and providing that knowing eye from the ground. I’m going to be a much better rider after this!
I am blessed to have my parents come for a visit over Thanksgiving and am planning on going home for a bit around Christmastime! And after that, I will be going to Florida for at least a month to work for a trainer in the heart of all the hustle and bustle of equine activity that never ceases in that part of the country. Thankfully, it will be winter. Talk about another good experience!

Axel Steiner clinic

Axel Steiner clinic

On top of choir now, I have been recruited into the hand bell choir at church and super excited to be doing something that produces such beautiful music, not to mention the mental work out it gives me! A few of the members approached me with, “Do you read music?” “Yes.” “Would you like to play hand bells, we could sure use you!?” And I was hooked. But, I love it!
I am sure thankful for everything I have found here, and couldn’t be happier with my current situation! I pray that all of you are prospering as you head into this beautiful season.
God bless!

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