Autumn is in the Air

I initially wrote this on October 18, 2013 and am re-posting it here for reference.

Ahh, how I love sweatshirt mornings that progress into t-shirt days! Although still no striking amount of color here, the warm hue of oranges and yellows is seeping it’s way into the landscape along with the smattering mine field of acorns covering the ground. When the wind blows…seek cover, and be careful not to step on one and find yourself suddenly confronting the trees above and sky beyond with the earth at your back. The general friskiness of the horses is another tell tale sign that the weather is getting crisper, not to mention all the baby calves that are leaping around the pastures! So cute!

Well, it turns out I’m not showing Pepper this fall as I had hoped, for everyone else had various health issues and had to bail on the show. But, hopefully I can catch a nice, simple, laid-back schooling show to take him to, which is probably a better option for his first show anyhow. He is doing so splendidly, how can I not show him off? And my other two boys are thriving at their homes providing lessons for kids and pasture mates for others. I have been visiting and riding them periodically. Such good ponies!

Setting sun over the pond

Setting sun over the pond

The time is fast approaching that I can have some good family time with Thanksgiving next month and Christmas the following…oh how I miss their company. And then, it’s Florida time, baby!! It has been confirmed, I will be working for a trainer for 6 weeks who splits her year between Wellington, Florida and somewhere in Maryland. It will be good to see the process of how things work at another barn by another trainer, along with a whole new set of horses. Imagine the learning opportunity! I will miss it here, though, as I am comfortable with everything, and I hope I will have a chance to ride some of those amazing horses while I’m there. Not to mention the weather will be uncharacteristically odd by my definition of winter!… will be interesting!

Picture Perfect Ponies

Picture Perfect Ponies

On other fronts, choir and hand bells are going super well, and we have a lot of music to rehearse as we are coming into this busy season! I can never get enough of singing, I just love it! I’m still working the retail job for only 1 day a week, but that is about all I can handle. It is still so disorderly, which as I’m sure you know, drives me nuts! And there is nothing I can do about it, unless I was working full time and had the freedom to fix it all! I put my effort into some little section that I can get to while working the register and I come back next week….same…why do I even bother, it can’t even be maintained. But, I still do it for that small feeling of accomplishment once it’s completed, and I’m sure some customer appreciated it too. And seriously, trying to decipher those thick southern accents over the phone is quite a challenge! Of course, I encountered that up north too. Boy, Oregon was so much easier!
Well, I’m going to have to sign off, for looking at the time I notice the stalls are not going to clean themselves. Duty calls. So I wish you all adieu and encourage you to enjoy this new season as much as I do!
Until next time!
God bless.

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